We are immeasurably grateful for the generosity of our donors and partner organizations. This is your campaign, and this new vital community resource will be your legacy.

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Lead Gift

The Crown Family

$1,000,000 +

Northwestern University (programmatic partnership agreement)


Chicago Young Americans Amateur Hockey Club
Wintrust Bank


Mary and Paul Finnegan
Liane and David Hodgman
Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation
Valli Produce Fresh Market


Team Evanston/Eleven United


Barbara and Michael Davis
Evanston Youth Hockey Association
Marya and Peter Frankel
Susan and Richard Gallun
Michal and Craig Golden
Lisa Altenbernd and Steve Hagerty
Eleanor and William Revelle
The Slayton Family
Jack and Sheila Weinberg Family Foundation


Susan and Michael Kuhn

$50,000 +

In Memory of Sally Abraham
Martha and Al Belmonte
Cless Family Foundation
Kimberly and Jay Dietz / Hamill Family Foundation
The Stein Family
Amy Morton and Neil Levin
NorthShore University Health System
Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Family

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$30,000 +

Aboce Collins
Michaela and Pete D'Arrigo
Howard and Ursula Dubin Foundation
The Schroeder Foundation
Laura Tucker and Peter Giangreco

$25,000 +

Athletico Physical Therapy
Gabrielle and Jud Brooks
Cupitol Coffee & Eatery
Gaye and Paul Daniel
Mindy and Greg DeStefano
Tracy and Albert Gallun
Teresa and Kevin Grant
Margaret and Paul Lurie
Letitia and Jeffrey Mann
Carol and Steve Mullins
Catherine and Thomas Omundson
Althea Ricketts and Isaiah Ricketts
Jennifer and Peter Scanlon & Family
Judy and David Schiffman
Suzanne and Brian Whiting

$20,000 +

Darlene and Michael Buenzow
Candlelite Chicago and Firehouse Grill
Jane and David Doyle
Jennifer and Dr. Raju Ghate
Catherine and Tom Giella
Grunnah Power Skating and Hockey School
North End Mothers' Club
Roberta Rootberg
Clayton A. Struve Family Foundation

$15,000 +

Carolyn and Peter Ballard
Tessa and Andrew Bediz
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Coney
The Dunlap Family
Tess and Tod Lickerman
Marina and Mark Marich

$10,000 +

AKPD Message & Media
The Barbaro Family
Dani and Brett Barker
Ann and Joe Berghammer
Holly and Ed Brady
Jenni and John Bryan
Esther Buonanno
Vickie and Tim Burke
Martha Campbell
Tricia Carroll and Alex Santos
Becky and Guy Chipparoni / Res Publica Group
Leslie and Jim Cousineau
Linda Del Bosque
Barbara and Dr. Peter Egofske
Pam and Jim Elesh
John and Sue Epler
Elizabeth Ester and Michael Brody
Evanston AYSO
Evanston Baseball & Softball Association
The Fitzgerald Family / ERA Sports Company
The Flader Family
Margaret and Joe Flanagan
Focus Development
Coley Gallagher and Brian Heckler
Becky and Steve Galler
The Goldfarb Family
The Greene Family
In Memory of Dr. Kimberly L. Harris
Elizabeth and Paul Hletko / FEW Spirits
Martha and John Idler / ABC7 Chicago
Yvette and John Kennedy
Laura and Blaine Kimrey
Nancy and Greg Klaiber
Becky and Jeff Kremin
Marian and Bob Kurz
Minhaz and Dilshad Lakhani
Steven Levine
Cheryl Lulias and Peter O’Brien
Bonnie and Jay Lytle
Gina and Dwayne MacEwen
Nicola and Anthony Mancini
Mary Martin
Kelly and Tom McDonnell
Vicky and Michael Mertz
Sandy and John Miller
Eunice and Jim Nondorf
Northern Trust
M.J. O'Brien Family Foundation
Joanne and Pat O'Connor
Precision Multisport
Sarah Pritchard and Neal Blair
Angela and Michael Quattrocki
Shari and Stephen Reiches
Catherine and Bart Rocca
Corinne and Mason Rocca
Paul and Deb Schultz
Sandrine and David Scrim
Jennifer Steans and Jim Kastenholz
Susan and Matt Struve
Jennifer and William Suvari
Peggy and Don Tarkington
Trish and Dick Thomas
Kelly and Jason Wagener
Amanda Williamson and Matthew Johnson
Nancy and Larry Wojcik
Marsha and David Woodhouse
Melissa Wynne and David Foster
Eileen and David Zampa
ZS Associates

$5,000 +


Stephanie Alvarez
Associated Bank
Katie and Wynn Bailey
Baird & Warner Evanston
Biz and Rick Bald
Julie Barton and Pat Garcia
Jane and John Berkley
Amy and Alex Bird
Anne and Sam Bodine
Donna and Don Brown
Dr. Tony Breitbach / Wellness Revolution
Kathy and John Bruckner
John J. Cahill Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning
Claire Sucsy / Coldwell Banker
Mary Dolan and Dave Haracz
Stacey and George Efstathiou
Ellen and John Engel
Evanston Public Library Friends
Jean and Andy Fies
Stephanie and Michael Fine
First Bank & Trust of Evanston
Laura and Bryan Flangel
Ellen and George Galland
Audrey and Paul Gaynor
Margaret Gleason and Patrick Loftus
Elizabeth and David Graham
Cornelia Grumman
Susan and Robert Gundlach
Stephen King
Sally and Warren Lupel
Katie Malone
Kelly Marcelle and Tim Davitt
Katherine and Eric Mattson
Nature's Perspective Landscaping
Elena Nocera and Roger Goldberg
Northlake Capital Management, LLC & Entermedia Growth Partners, LP
Erik and Katie Ojala
Jane Pence and Doug Masters
Patricia Maunsell and David Campbell
Laura and Terry Peppers
Jonathan Perman, Melissa Hilton, Norman and Lorraine Perman
Susan and Michael Petersen
Katie and David Porter
Mary and Philip Roden
Lynn and Jay Ryan
Ashley and Edmund Scanlan
Kim and Darel Siegel
Moira and Scott Stein
The Strategy Group
Andrew Stroth
Adrienne and David Taylor
Lene and Mike Thomas - The Thomas Team
Mark Tisdahl
True North Builders
Aimee and Gabriel Val
The Vanderwarker Family
Sarah Wagner
Tiffany and Dr. Brad Weiss
Blair Wellensiek and Karl Peters

$1,000 +

David Abels
Gershen Abraham
Kristin and Ben Albert
Carrie and Rob Andalman
Sonja and Ravi Baichwal
Kathy Baker and Tilden Katz
Jenny Ball
Kevin Ball
Gina and David Ballard
Randi and Nick Bellios
Andy Bezaitis
Diane and Alan Bielawski
Jordana Binstock and Henry Nutkevitch
Melani and Mike Bishop
Jan and Ron Braeutigam
Keith and Hawkeye Bronstein
Tim Brooke
Sandra and Charles Brown
Michael Canmann
Juventino Cano
Judy Chiss
Lisa and Dan Chiss
Paul Christensen
Ann and Russ Covode
Nancy Cunniff and Alan Zunamon
Reva and Mort Denlow
Jeff and Jennifer Dillman
Andrew Eloff
Peter Evans
Alexis and Craig Eyler
Peggy Forbes
Julie and Chris Froeter
Robyn Gabel
Bruce Gaede
Louis Gergits
Sue Ann Glaser and Allan Alson
Matthew and Amy Graczyk
Jeremy Greene
David and Jill Greer
Scott Gwilliam
Mark Hansen
Brian Hanson
Kathleen and James Hardgrove
Moira Harding and Raymond Palmer
Sarah Harding and Mark Ouweleen
Ginny & Geoff Harlow
Linda and Mark Harvey
Tim Hedges
Jessica and Tim Hockett
Al Hofeld
Stacy and Neill Jakobe
Joan and Don Johnson
Suzanne and Dan Kanter
Peter Kaplan
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
Kris and John Kelsh
Becky and Dave Kimball
Heather and Matthew Kleinschmit
Jennifer and John Kruper
Stephen Krupkin
Timothy Landon
Betsy Lane and Jason Titzer
Lucy and Kenneth Lehman
Jeffrey Leichenger
William Leiner
Levy Senior Center Foundation
Rachel and Peter Lewis
Carolyn and Aaron Lillybridge
Amanda Linder
Kurt Lorenz
Benjamin Lumpkin
Jack Marco
Douglas MacNeil
Emily McClintock
Kathlene McDermott
Lauren McFarlane
Angela and Ross McLean
Mark Metz
Grace and John Miya
Nicole Morgen-Berger and David Berger
Kendra Morrill and Breton Johnson
Brad Nelson
Judy Newton
Brian Norris
Theresa O’Brien
Kristine and Joe O’Hollearn
Jennifer and Daniel O'Shaughnessy / Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Mary Page
Martha Pascal
Anna Paulson and Sandeep Baliga
Debbie Pavick and Joe Block
Todd Perkins
Judy and Ed Provost
Julie and John Rapisarda
Jennifer Moreno Reddick and Christopher Reddick
Rosie Rees and Gene Servillo
Amanda and Brian Rigby
Carla and Tim Riley
Kathy and Mark Rocklin
Jane and Pete Rodriguez
Sheau-ming Ross
Molly and Chris Rouch
Catherine Saccany
Kathy and Jon Samuels
John Schoser
Steve Schwartz
John Seed
Ann and Joe Settimi
Robert Shatkin
Debra Shore
Katie and Mark Smith
Sandra Smith
Paula Steiner and David Hellman
Larry Suffredin
Mary Sullivan
Michael Svets
Joyce and Dick Talsky
Andrew Tinucci
Daniel Urban
The Useem Family
Stephen Warner
Stuart Wick
Freddie Wolner
Karen and Jim Young
Eileen Yu and Jeffrey Paul
Lawrence Zall
Jacie and Megan Zolna