Common Questions about the New Crown Center

Has the new building been designed yet? 

No. The architects are currently gathering information and user input. Any and all images are conceptual renderings only.

Why should I donate for a public facility? I already pay taxes. 

There is a limited amount of public funding available for this project. In order to create a facility that will meet the modern needs of our community - and last for much longer than the first one did - local families and institutions will have to support it with their generous gifts. All area residents are welcome to use the new facility and park, whether or not they were able to donate. 

Who is making decisions about the new center and park? 

This initiative is a public-private collaboration, and decisions are being made collaboratively. The City of Evanston, the Evanston Public Library, and the Friends of the Robert Crown Center are working with area sports teams, educational professionals, service organizations, and community groups to develop a shared resource that benefits everyone and common-sense solutions that work for the entire community. Please contact us to share your opinions and priorities. 

When will construction begin?

Our aim is to begin construction by Spring 2018.

How will we make sure the new building does not degrade like the original one has? 

This coalition has done two important things that did not happen when the original facility was built in 1974:

  • Crown Center Maintenance Fund – An established, permanent fund for the care of the new building and park, based on third-party capital needs projections, to be taken from the City of Evanston's regular annual operating budget each year
  • Friends of the Robert Crown Center – A permanent 501(c)(3) charity organization to raise fund and advocate for the long-term needs of the building and park

How will traffic and parking be affected? 

No decisions have been made yet regarding parking or traffic flow in or around the property. Many and many area residents and Crown Center users have expressed that these issues are high priorities. Project planners have gathered a variety of opinions, questions, concerns, and priorities on parking and traffic, and they will continue to do so. As a result of the valuable feedback received thus far, the project planning team has moved up the scheduled traffic study that will inform and guide this part of the design process. While no design will be able to please every community member, the planning team is determined to create solutions that balance all perspectives and concerns.